Truck advertising - rear surface

Wind deflector system

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Due to the current EU implementation regulation (EU) 2022/1362 for aerodynamic savings in commercial vehicles, 4media has developed a modular air duct system for truck rear surfaces in cooperation with aerodynamicists from the aviation industry.

The rigid air guide vanes, which can be mounted (also retrospectively) on a standard portal, bring the laminar air flows of the side and roof surfaces together. The rounded outer and inner surfaces of the air guide vanes generate rotating turbulence, which leads to an air flow that quickly converges in the shape of an arrow. This presses on the rear surface during rotation and thus “pushes” the vehicle.

Truck rear surface as an air duct system

In extensive series of tests, a wing length of 20 cm has currently proven to be the ideal dimension for achieving the desired aerodynamic effects.

The rear surfaces equipped with the SAMS advertising frame can not only be used as advertising space that can be changed quickly, but also smooth the air currents and thus also reduce energy consumption.

The patented mechanism for attaching the air duct system to the rear portal allows the entire door construction to fold completely to the side (270 degrees) against the side wall when the rear doors are opened.

This means that there are no disadvantages when docking at loading ramps.
When the doors are closed using the espagnolette locks, the air duct system is locked securely and securely using 10 clamping points.