Application of truck advertising banners and advertising tarpaulins

System & technology of our mobile advertising banners

Safety first. The patented SAMS frame system consists of high-quality profiles. These are permanently glued to the box body using a tested and certified process and connected to the tensioning profiles. Your advertising is therefore safe and optimally protected.

You can be sure that unintentional opening of the system will be prevented. The profiles snap into place automatically when the levers are braced. The screwed corners close the entire system and complete the 4-level security system.

Thanks to this security system, we as 4media have obtained an ABE that also allows us to set up beyond the maximum width.

Find out more about the 4-level security system in our explanatory video!

Explanation video

A new advertising banner in four steps

1 Sams Rahmensystem LKW Werbebanner und Werbeplane Sicherheitsstufe 1

The clamping profile set with the tarpaulin pulled into the keder strip profile is hung in the glued-on hook base profile.

2 Sams Rahmensystem LKW Werbebanner und Werbeplane Sicherheitsstufe 2

The lever profile of the clamping profile set is folded down and locked in the hook basic profile – security level I

3 Sams Rahmensystem LKW Werbebanner und Werbeplane Sicherheitsstufe 3

The keder profile with the tarpaulin is folded down and snaps into place. – Security level II.

4 Sams Rahmensystem LKW Werbebanner und Werbeplane Sicherheitsstufe 4

In addition, the keder strip profile snaps into the lever profile – security level III


The further development of the mobile advertising banner

The SAMS advertising frame system is the further development and thus the successor of the Klip Fixx system. If you have installed a Klip Fixx system on your trucks and want to change your advertising banners or the advertising frame system, or if the frame is damaged, simply contact us!

Our certificates

Our company holds the TÜV certificate for the development and manufacture of clamping frames for advertising media on motor vehicles, trailers, containers and swap bodies, as well as the general operating permit (ABE).