Outside advertising truck advertising

Movertising© - Rental of outdoor advertising

Movertising in truck advertising refers to the use of mobile truck advertising space, particularly on the sides of trucks. This type of advertising uses vehicle movements to draw attention to itself and reach a broad target group. Since trucks often travel in cities and over longer distances, the advertisement is presented to a large number of people.

  • Poster advertising on your own truck
  • Extra profit for fleet owners
  • Mega roll-out for advertising campaigns

We rent your outdoor advertising

As a fleet owner or advertiser, you can enjoy full service with us. 4media organizes EVERYTHING to do with SAMS and handles your project from A to Z.

Why not use your fleet of vehicles for your own advertising, more cost-effectively and more strikingly than ever before.

Do you want to introduce a new product or advertise a seasonal promotion? Advertise on your own fleet! With SAMS, you can transform your truck fleet into moving billboards “overnight”.

We realize your campaign

  • Creating an offer
  • Inspection and measurement of the vehicles
  • Production of advertising tarpaulins
  • Initial assembly of the SAMS system in only about 3 hours
  • Subject change
  • Your truck is a large, unused advertising space – use it with movertising©!
  • The truck advertising is simply unmistakable.

Rent out your rolling capital!

You have the fleet, we have the advertising partner. 4media takes care of everything so that your truck fleet is fit for renting advertising space.

  • Cooperation Agreement
  • Assembly and replacement of advertising tarpaulins
  • Management of route plans
  • Documentation of the equipped vehicles and the individual campaigns
  • Any repairs
  • The prerequisite: your fleet consists of trucks with fixed bodies and/or swap bodies

The money is on the street!

Get more out of your truck fleet! With the SAMS advertising frame system, your vehicle fleet is an additional source of income – simply rent your advertising space to 4media. With SAMS, your trucks are carriers of advertising messages and you earn money with it.