Truck photovoltaic - PV modules

Refrigerated vehicles with photovoltaic banners

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4media’s advertising frame system, which can be used universally, also makes it possible to equip the outside surfaces of the refrigerated vehicles with photovoltaic banners.

In connection with the SAMS EPS refrigerated trailer, a significant increase in the overall efficiency of the refrigeration system can be achieved. The PV energy supports the electrical storage system, particularly during periods of downtime (traffic jams, waiting times, etc.) and thus extends the operating time of the cooling system.

Innovative and environmentally conscious

The 4media photovoltaic banners are ventilated and do not lie directly on the refrigerated box surfaces. The mechanical decoupling prevents heat from entering the cooling structure and increases the efficiency of the PV cells.

The intelligent energy management of the charging electronics of the energy storage system prioritizes the PV charging and thus reduces the energy requirement of the generator. Country-specific PV subsidies also improve the cost/benefit ratio.