Truck outdoor advertising | Rent advertising space in Austria

Rent truck advertising space in Austria

As an entrepreneur, you know that good visibility for your own product or service is crucial. An innovative and at the same time cost-effective way to spread your brand is to use outdoor truck advertising.

Since the trucks are constantly moving on the roads in Austria, the advertising space is noticed by a large number of people. In addition, the truck outdoor advertising can also be placed in specific regions where you as a company would like to have a strong presence.

Together we will plan your unique truck advertising space and ensure an eye-catcher on Austria’s roads.

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4media LKW Sattelauflieger Werbebanner Werbeplane Werbefläche mieten


Advertising options for semi-trailers:Public side – pedestrians
Traffic side – motorists

Advertising space semi-trailerEach side: 13.40 m x 2.60 m

4media LKW Hängerzug Werbebanner Werbeplane Werbefläche mieten

Trailer train

Advertising options for the trailer train:Public side – pedestrians
Traffic side – motorists

Advertising space trailer trainMotorwagen, each side: 7.43 m x 2.50 m
Trailer, each side: 7.50 m x 2.50 m

4media LKW Motorwagen Werbebanner Werbeplane Werbefläche mieten

Motor car

Advertising options for motor vehicles:Public side – pedestrians
Traffic side – motorists

Advertising space motor vehicleEach side: 10 m x 2.50 m