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SAMS frame system for maximum presence

SAMS frame system – a perfect combination of system and technology that effortlessly adapts to any size. An outstanding advantage of this system is the continuous presentation of your advertising directly in front of your customers’ eyes. The advertising tarpaulins remain continuously visible without cutting valuable advertising time.

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Tarpaulin change at Netto in Germany

Making vehicles eye-catching!

Frame systems enable a variety of options for lively and colorful displays when planning change. This allows companies to draw attention to themselves and their offerings.

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Tarpaulin change

SAMS frame system for Baier Entsorgung

Effectively mask truck damage!

SAMS frame system proves to be extremely useful: it allows covering dents, cracks and scratches on trucks with the help of advertising banners. This eliminates the need for minor repairs, saving both time and money.

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SAMS Frame System

Advantages of SAMS for AGM

The smart choice: SAMS frame system

Advantages of SAMS convince by adaptability to different truck sizes. This flexibility enables effortless integration to different vehicle types. The targeted application of advanced technologies also guarantees outstanding visual results that impress.

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Benefits of SAMS

Truck advertising for MA 48

Guarantee of success: SAMS frame system!

System & technology makes truck advertising more effective. Companies can optimally present their advertising messages through individual adaptations to truck advertising spaces, swap bodies and unused spaces. Within a few hours, we transform your company into a customized advertising medium that is guaranteed to attract attention.

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SAMS Frame System

Tarpaulin change for Unimarkt

Cost efficiency and time savings thanks to SAMS framework system

With Tarpaulin Change, you can effortlessly and quickly change banners to effectively present your ongoing advertising message. This ensures uninterrupted visibility of your advertising content, without interruptions to your advertising display.

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Tarpaulin Change

System and technology at Pischinger

Accelerate success with truck advertising

Through the optimal combination of system and technology from 4media, you will achieve a sustainable presence on the market. Current research shows that mobile advertising on trucks is an extremely economical way to be present in any location.

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System and Technology

Truck advertising for Quehenberger

Advertising on wheels with SAMS frame systems

Our truck advertising allows your vehicle to travel the world! Through the innovative SAMS frame system, we offer advertising spaces on which your advertising message can be presented without interruption or flipping over.

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SAMS Frame Systems

SAMS Frame System for MPreis

Fast service for maximum operational readiness

Within a few hours, your vehicle is fully operational again thanks to the SAMS frame system. Our assembly teams are characterized by their efficiency and the minimization of time spent as well as waiting times.

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SAMS Frame Systems

Truck advertising tarpaulin for Tana

Effective advertising through the SAMS frame system

An outstanding benefit of the SAMS is to place your advertising message directly in front of your customers’ eyes by means of truck advertising tarpaulin. The advertising banner on the truck remains continuously visible, without interruptions, thus minimizing any downtime of your advertising.

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