Truck advertising tarpaulin for Tana

Effective advertising through the SAMS frame system

An outstanding benefit of the SAMS is to place your advertising message directly in front of your customers’ eyes by means of truck advertising tarpaulin. The advertising banner on the truck remains continuously visible, without interruptions, thus minimizing any downtime of your advertising.

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Truck advertising

Advertising campaign for Neudörfler

Increase the presence of your company

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you a customized solution for your fleet. Through advertising campaigns on trucks, you will reach your desired target group precisely and specifically.

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Advertising campaigns on trucks

Movertising for Pepsi USA

With Movertising your campaign gains momentum

Movertising opens up a lucrative source of additional income for fleet owners. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive range of services and experience first-class enjoyment from our full-service offering.

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Truck advertising at Metro in Vienna

Top level advertising recall

Truck advertising ensures effective visibility of your message while driving. In addition, your truck will impress you with its exceptionally speedy initial assembly. After only three hours, it is completely ready for road use, ready to transport your goods and messages in an efficient way.

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SAMS Frame Systems

Advertising campaigns at 4media in Wiener Neustadt

Maximum reach with moving and truck advertising from SAMS

With our innovative advertising technology, companies can address their target group in a targeted manner. By placing advertising banners on trucks, you achieve maximum reach and open up a new source of income for freight forwarders. As an expert in movertising and truck advertising, SAMS offers an uncomplicated booking option for your campaign.

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Truck advertising at 4media in Wiener Neustadt

Movertising and truck advertising with SAMS frame systems

Our advertising techniques are perfect for getting your message out there and making your advertising campaign unmissable. Movertising, i.e. advertising on mobile surfaces, is also possible with us as an additional profit for fleet owners. With our full service, you can enjoy the full benefits.

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Advertising campaign for Energy3000 in Müllendorf

Use the area of your truck for advertising campaigns

By placing advertising banners on the sides of the truck, companies can reach their target group in a targeted manner and freight forwarders benefit from a new source of income. SAMS offers a simple and uncomplicated booking option for advertising campaigns on trucks. Take the chance now and earn money with your truck!

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Advertising campaigns

SAMS framework system for NORMA in Germany

More reach through advertising on your own truck

SAMS framework systems are a tried and tested means of drawing attention to oneself and one’s services. Due to the increasing innovations, the possibilities are manifold.

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SAMS frame system

Truck advertising banner for Zgonc in Wiener Neustadt

The SAMS framework system – an innovative marketing approach

In the long term, truck advertising banners are the cheapest and most effective advertising method. After the initial assembly of the advertising frame, campaigns can be exchanged as often as you like and in just a few minutes.

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Truck advertising banner for Meyer Logistik in Vorchdorf

SAMS advertising framework system runs with your current campaign

The current advertising from the company Meyer Logistik in Vorchdorf can be seen on the streets. The quick change of plan allows you to adapt the layout to the current campaign at any time.

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